The Ingco brand products are covered by the warranty described below. 
The duration of the guarantee is 12 months starting from the date of purchase of the product for consumers with an invoice. It is 24 months for receipt holders or other proof of purchase. 
The warranty covers all product defects during the warranty period and is limited to its repair and / or replacement. It does not include any other obligations such as, for example, incidental or consequential damages. 
Repair / replacement under this warranty is free. It does not constitute an extension or a new start of the warranty period. The parts or tools exchanged become our property. 
For assistance, the product must be shipped or taken to one of our authorized Ingco dealers, taking care to pack it safely, without dangerous contents (for example, petrol). Furthermore, the sender's address must be affixed and accompanied by a brief description of the fault. In some countries, delivery or postage costs must be paid by the sender. The legal rights deriving from the purchase of the tool remain unchanged. 
The warranty is not valid if the product has been connected incorrectly, used incorrectly or differently from that indicated in the instruction manual. In particular, the conditions of non-applicability of the guarantee are indicated below:
  • any damage to the product due to incorrect maintenance; 
  • any damage caused by failure to follow the instruction manual; 
  • any damage caused by external influences (chemical, physical, shock) or foreign substances; any damage to the product due to an incorrect fuel mixture (fuel, oil, percentage of oil); 
  • any damage caused by inappropriate use, tool overload; any damage caused by the use of non-approved accessories or parts; 
  • any damage caused by normal wear and tear of spare parts; 
  • any product connected to an incorrect power supply (for amps, voltage, frequency); 
  • any product that has been altered or modified; 
  • any product whose original identification markings (trademarks, serial number) have been deleted, altered or removed; 
  • any product that has been subjected to an attempted repair by an unqualified professional or without the prior authorization of Ingco; 
  • power tool accessories supplied with the tool or purchased separately. 
  • This exclusion includes, by way of example only, screwdriver bits, drill bits, abrasive discs, sandpaper, blades and side guides; components (parts and accessories) subject to normal wear and tear including, by way of example only, maintenance kits, carbon brushes, bearings, chucks, drill bits, power cables, auxiliary handles, transport cases, sanding plates, bags for dust collection, dust discharge pipes, felt washers, pins and springs, wire heads, transmission belts, clutches, hedge trimmer or lawn mower blades, harnesses, acceleration cables, carbon brushes, gear teeth, fans and blower / aspirator tubes, vacuum cleaner bags and straps, guide bars, saw chains, connection fittings, spray nozzles, wheels, regulators, internal and external reels, cutting lines, air filters, gas filters, mulching blades etc. 
  • When the device reaches us, a technical inspection will assess whether your device will be repaired or replaced by an equivalent device. Our team will handle your service case as quickly as possible. Un eshop professionale completo a soli 49 euro l'anno con NewCart
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